Trademark Clearinghouse

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Trademark Clearinghouse

The creation of the Trademark ClearingHouse is part of the program launched by ICANN with the aim of liberalizing the process of creating internet domain name TLDs. Since November 2013, the program has enabled hundreds of new TLDs to be created. Some are geographical (.paris, .nyc), others general (.health, .sport), linked to communities (.gay) or related to trademarks or companies (.datsun, .total, . cadillac, .clubmed, etc.)

The Trademark Clearinghouse in detail

Learn more about the role and practical aspects of the Trademark Clearinghouse, and how it helps you to effectively protect the digital dimension of your brands.

Discover how we can help you

We have set up a comprehensive service to assist you with submitting and managing your Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH) applications from start to finish.

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