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What our customers say...

Find out what is unique about our service and why our clients have put their trust in us for over 20 years.

SafeBrands teams are real professionals and they have accompanied us brilliantly during a delicate mission of management and deployment of our digital brand internationally. Effective, courteous and able to clearly communicate issues, risks and milestones, our collaboration with SafeBrands is a success in every way.

A quick word to thank you for the outstanding work you have done for us over the years. We registered our very first domain name with SafeBrands (at the time it was still called MailClub) in June 2000. Since then, we registered a few more domain names and our business grew alongside SafeBrands.
We are interior designers and we are quite good at what we do but we have a limited IT knowledge (but should you need advice about colours, textures and space planning, count us in!). We therefore rely on the guidance from Safebrands to keep us on track – lately, to obtain our  SSL certificate.
Safebrands client experience is simply unparallelled. We are always amazed by the quality and speed of your response, but more importantly, we’re bowled over by the individuals in your team: they want to go to the bottom of any issue we report– on the rare occurences we had anything to report! They take ownership and leave no stone unturned. It truly feels these guys are on our side. Even if we are not the most technically minded people in the world, we can tell such quality of service and reliability over the years is no accident.  Safebrand’s team demonstrated their commitment to helping us on countless occasions, from simple email connection issues to choices of domain name or subscription types. We always felt your tech and sales team gave us the same advice they’d give to a friend or family.
At a time when the notion of client experience is all-important, we think you nailed it slap bang on the head: you are one of the handful of businesses we would always advocate for. So, thank you for the service, for keeping us on track, for looking after our brand. And just as importantly, a warm hello to all the members in your team. You guys rock.

Since May 2016, SafeBrands has been managing and adding value to the City of Paris domain name portfolio. Thanks to an efficient, dedicated team which is aware of all the issues, the City of Paris portfolio migration was completed without a hitch.

Since then, the City of Paris portfolio has been far easier to manage. Requests are dealt with quickly and extremely efficiently. Our dedicated team is very proactive, approachable and professional.

SafeBrands has allowed us to pool our domain name portfolio with a single provider. We had some bad experiences in the past, and our portfolio was spread over various providers. The migration went very smoothly thanks to the professionalism of the dedicated Petit Bateau project teams. We have now finally found a proactive provider which understands our needs.

SafeBrands has been supporting Puy du Fou for many years with its domain name purchasing strategy and with the protection of its intellectual property online.

The SafeBrands team has understood the unique nature of our journey, and has provided an efficient, proactive and indeed professional service to Puy du Fou. For all of these reasons we have been a loyal client of SafeBrands for nearly 10 years.

We are now continuing to extend our partnership by adding new services. SafeBrands’s pragmatic and effective advice has enabled Puy du Fou to strengthen its strategic performance and to move ahead with confidence.

One of SafeBrands’s qualities is its personal touch. I have never felt like a number in a long list of clients. They provide true support, and their advice is always spot on. As well as managing our domain name portfolio, the monitoring and analysis services provide us with high added value.

Thank-you to SafeBrands for their excellent service and approachability! They are very efficient when it comes to trademark law, particularly recovering disputed domain names and monitoring the use of our trademark in domain names and on social networks. Their test monitoring saves us a lot of time and enables us to be more efficient! Thanks to all at SafeBrands!

ALES GROUPE chose SafeBrands as a provider due to the uniqueness and scope of its services. We are still working with SafeBrands now because of the high quality of its staff, their proactivity and approachability. Their service is both global and ad hoc, as they have no difficulty adapting to the client’s culture and to internal company requirements.

About us

SafeBrands offers a personalized and high-quality service to thousands of clients in its two areas of expertise: domain name management and added value hosting.

A different approach

We have built a strong company ethos based on our approachable, flexible and innovative service and our ability to consistently strive for the very highest quality.


Find out what is unique about our service and why our clients have put their trust in us for over 20 years.


SafeBrands’s know-how has been recognized by tens of thousands of clients since 1997.


We are an ICANN-accredited registrar. We are also an official registrar in more than 250 countries and we manage over 400 extensions worldwide.


SafeBrands now comprises 40 web professionals divided between its two expert divisions, providing companies with high-end services and products that are constantly evolving.

Our infrastructure

SafeBrands has an IP network providing only the highest quality of service. Our work with major operators has also enabled us to offer you the best prices.

Our locations

SafeBrands has locations all over the world. See all of our locations in France and elsewhere.

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