On-Demand Applications (SaaS)

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Cloud & virtual services

SaaS offer is ready-to-use business applications including collaboration and productivity tools, and CMS installed and preconfigured for optimum long-term use. All of them comply with market standards.

SaaS Cloud by SafeBrands

Our SaaS offer is aimed at functional directorates such as marketing or assimilated departments.

Indeed, SaaS offer by SafeBrands provides access to a catalog of applications, ready-to-use and based on the same principles of strict standardization than our PaaS offer. You get a virtual machine, identical to the PaaS offer, with a large choice of applications you need : CMS (WordPress, Drupal, Prestashop etc), Business application (OwnCloud).

Our SaaS Solutions

Looking for a centralization of your documents with an easy access between your several departments ? Need an instinctive software to manage your website via a CMS application ? SafeBrands proposes a large choice of SaaS solutions :

Collaborative Mail Pro


On-demand CMS

logiciels CMS solutions SaaS

Cloud Computing : the benefits of SaaS Offer

  • A wide range of business applications

    SafeBrands provides on-demand virtual machines (instances). Reflecting our PaaS solutions, SafeBrands offers a wide range of pre-installed software environments.

    Already boasting CRM, collaborative working, eCommerce and on-demand CMS, this range of machines will gradually be expanded to offer you an even more comprehensive range to meet your every need.

  • Expert knowledge of the best solutions

    Our machines catalogue prioritizes quality over quantity. We aim to offer machines that are relevant, come with guides, are well-maintained, monitored and recommended by the experts in order to provide true added value.

  • Pre-installations with expert and publisher optimization

    The vast majority of the machine images endorsed by SafeBrands are installed and optimized by experts, to get the best performance from our virtual servers. By choosing a machine from the library, you will save precious time that would have been spent on configuration and settings, allowing you to focus on your application-based project.

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