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Client :

A major daily newspaper.

One of our domains is essential to our business and we wish to protect ourselves against both internal mistakes and external attacks.

We are an international media company. Our domain name is essential to our readers and our business is heavily dependent on our online content. We are regularly subject to attacks and wish to use every available means to protect our key name.


Our site is read by millions and we must protect ourselves against attacks which may lead to fake news and disinformation.


Our main Domain Name is critical to our business and several internal teams may modify its parameters from time to time, as part of our regular operations. We wish to oversee and control these modifications, not forbid them.


SafeBrands’ teams have set up the « Registry Lock » function with the Registry in which our most important name is registered. They have also applied their own Domain Premium service on various other domains, for maximum safety.

As a result, any request for modification leads to a call from the relevant Registry to ensure it comes from a person authorized by our company. Thanks to Domain Premium, we were also able to block modifications to the zone file and URL redirections, and to limit the IP addresses that can access our client area outside our network.


This was very easy to set up and did not slow down our teams.

Attempts to change the redirection of our name to a non-official site from a third-party masquerading as a member of our team were stopped by the phone verification process of the Registry.

SafeBrands also informed us of intrusion attempts from IP addresses outside our company network that were also thrawted thanks to Domain Premium’s filtering.

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