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Case Studies

Client :

A company with several subsidiaries.

I need help to organize the management of my domain portfolio across our subsidiaries.

We register numerous domain names and wish to give some autonomy to our subsidiaries, but we need to harmonize the management of our portfolio.


We use several domain names, both gTLDs and ccTLDs, to cover our own needs and our subsidiaries’ in the markets we are in. We wish to rationalize our portfolio but not centralize everything.


Our subsidiaries must stay autonomous but we want to uphold global guidelines of domain name registrations while containing our costs.


As part of a consulting mission, SafeBrands’ experts were able to gather our legal, marketing and technical teams to define together suitable naming guidelines for our whole group.

This document is now used by all our subsidiaries where the relevant teams now know what to do during the whole lifecycle of the domain, from registration to renew and recovery.

Moreover, our teams now use SafeBrands’ extranet: we take advantage of the granularity of their authorization levels, which can be set according to our needs: admin, subsidiary, delegated accounts and simple users.


Thanks to the comprehensive illustrated how-to that SafeBrands provided, our teams mastered the extranet really quickly. They now use it without supervision and we know that mistakes will be avoided thanks to the specific rights management process. Moreover, by consolidating our portfolio with SafeBrands we make significant savings without sacrificing on flexibility.

Case Studies by SafeBrands

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