My company is evolving, I need to manage our DNS dynamically

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Client :

An international corporation.

Our site is constantly evolving and I need to manage our DNS dynamically.

We use our domains for several applications and need to be able to manage our rules automatically while being able to fine tune them.


Our .com is the best known of our domain names and it’s used by several services, from our flagship site to our e-commerce platform. It’s also tied to our e-mail as well as to our local sites in different languages.

Our DNS (Domain Name System) servers must be trustworthy and flexible to ensure our customers’ requests always reach the right destination.


Everything goes through this domain name and our use cases change frequently. We need strong systems that can also be flexible. We need to handle the records associated with this name ourselves, and be able to change the redirections at will, and with no need for external assistance.


SafeBrands introduced us to DNS Plus, the in-house tool they have developed thanks to their own expertise as a hosting provider. Its extremely flexible interface allowed us to create and edit as many records and subdomains as needed. We were even able to add several “A” entries for one subdomain with a different IP address each time (“round robin”).


SafeBrands’ DNS Plus gives us the flexibility and strength we need. We remain autonomous in our daily use and take advantage of SafeBrands’ expertise, if and when needed, for the more complex questions related to DNS management.

Using SafeBrands’ DNS infrastructure we make sure that our servers are always available and that our business and clients are armed to face DDoS-type attacks.

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